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conference 2024


October 13th - 18th


What if we had a space...

where we could dialogue with values-aligned visionaries, form alliances, and dream of liberation?

About the Conference

For the second year, Acceleraise is convening nonprofit partners and funders from across the nation for a week of learning, networking, and collaboration. The second annual Alliance Conference in San Pedro, Belize will equip partners with the knowledge, skills, and networks to deepen their impact.

Season of Change: Navigating New Horizons in Philanthropy and Technology

The Alliance conference will confront the entrenched history of funding disparity and limited access to philanthropy for Black and Brown-led nonprofits by:

  • creating a platform for BIPOC leaders to share their stories. We will share strategies that worked, challenges encountered, and the partnerships that led to success.

  • attracting funding partners to share their new funding priorities and strategies to keep BIPOC communities informed of funding available across the philanthropic sector.

  • teaching partners how to leverage AI. With the widespread availability of Artificial Intelligence, philanthropy faces another season of change. Acceleraise has designed a 4-part series of AI sessions to help partners leverage this new technology.

Conference attendees are either Acceleraise partners or invited by Acceleraise partners. This intimate invitation model is intentionally exclusive; designed to create a safe and vetted community. By nature of equity work and community building that engages in anti-racism, Alliance conversations and connections are vulnerable and require a level of mutually built trust in order to be sustainable and valuable.

Confirmed Partners

Meet the participants joining us at the conference!

Adrinda Kelly

Executive Director


Dominique Simone

Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Donna-Marie Cole-Malott
Co-Executive Director
The Pennsylvania Educator Diversity Consortium
Jade Brown-Russell
Nekima Armstrong
Executive Director
Wayfinder Foundation
Rhonda J. Broussard
Founder and CEO
Beloved Community
Tyronne B. Walker

VP for Policy, Strategic Partnerships & Development

Urban League of Louisiana

Valerie H. Wheatley
Chief Operating Officer
Clover New Orleans

Key Topics

Case Studies of Nonprofit Success + Learnings

Through a curated selection of case studies, we celebrate the victories, acknowledge the hurdles, and extract valuable lessons and best practices from diverse nonprofit journeys. Each case study is a testament to resilience, innovation, and the power of strategic collaboration.

Changing State of Philanthropy

By engaging in open dialogue with funders, Black and Brown leaders can learn more about changing priorities, find alignment with funders, and build partnerships.

Innovations & Tech: How is AI Changing How We Raise Money?

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) reshapes industries, it also holds the potential to revolutionize philanthropy. Our discussions will venture into the cutting-edge applications of AI, exploring the promise and the ethical considerations of these rapidly advancing technologies.



  • Insights into the evolving nature of philanthropy and how to navigate its future.

  • Lessons from real-world case studies that highlight successful strategies and common pitfalls.

  • Understanding of AI's role in transforming service delivery, operational efficiency, and impact measurement.

Join us in this "Season of Change" to not only witness but also contribute to the shaping of a future where technology and philanthropy converge to create unprecedented opportunities for Black and Brown excellence and community!

Session Speakers

Check out who will be leading our sessions throughout the conference!

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Leading Session: TBD

Quick Bio

Sarah Stickney Murphy



Lead Session: TBD

Quick Bio

Ingrid Alvarado



Lead Session: TBD

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The Venue

The Phoenix is a luxury resort in San Pedro, Belize, offering a unique blend of privacy, luxury accommodations, and a central location accessible to local food, drink, and arts.

"Failure to share [the good we are doing] actually devalues the work we do and threatens our sustainability. I am leaving determined to continue working, measure our impact and share the story."
Bishop Barrington Goldson, Academy Charter Schools

Have Any Questions?

For general inquiries, contact our conference logistics lead Joan Jungbin Lee at or (504)877-2026. 

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