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Announcing the 1st Annual

conference 2023


What if we had a space where we could dialogue with values-aligned visionaries, form alliances, and dream of liberation? What if we created safe spaces where we could talk about money and the insecurities surrounding the financial sustainability of our organizations? What if we had a space to strategize with experts to find innovative, collective solutions?

This fall, Acceleraise is convening its network of nonprofit partners from across the nation for a week of learning, networking, and collaboration in the areas of fundraising and equitable philanthropy. The inaugural Acceleraise Alliance Conference in San Pedro, Belize will equip partners with the knowledge, skills, and networks to deepen their impact.

Acceleraise partners will have the chance to:

Gain insights from seasoned philanthropy experts and thought leaders.


Network with fellow professionals who share your passion and commitment.


Cocreate innovative approaches to drive positive change within the  world of philanthropy.

"The Acceleraise Team does it again! Abundance (versus scarcity) is their modus operandi. I am beyond excited for this opportunity to connect, learn and dream with other imaginaries about growing and collaborating in our work. The power of the Acceleraise network is expanding and I can't wait to see what's next."
— Adrinda Kelly, Black Education for New Orleans
Key focus areas include:
Skill and Confidence Building for Fund Development:

The Acceleraise Alliance Conference will offer workshops and interactive sessions led by experienced fundraisers and nonprofit experts. You will gain practical insights into effective fund development strategies.

Cultivating Trust and Alignment:

Through collaborative activities and discussions, you will have the opportunity to connect with aligned stakeholders to build trust and alliances that lead to collective impact.

Reimagining Philanthropic Systems:

The conference will facilitate interactive brainstorming sessions and workshops aimed at collectively reimagining philanthropic systems to be more equitable, inclusive, and responsive to the needs of Black and Brown communities. This will help Acceleraise inform the field and equip us to have data-driven conversations with philanthropists about solutions.

Long-term Transformational Change: 

By emphasizing sustainable fiscal practices, collaborative networks, and innovative philanthropic models, this conference is specifically designed to empower Black and Brown-led nonprofit organizations to work together to drive long-term, transformational change in our communities.

Through learning and collaboration, the Alliance Conference will empower Black and Brown-led nonprofits across the nation.
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conference 2023


Check out our partners:

"The team is thrilled to be joining fellow non-profit and education leaders at the first annual Acceleraise conference in Belize. This is a unique opportunity to share our experiences and learn from others who are as passionate about public service. We are excited to network with new partners and explore ways to collaborate on innovative projects that will impact the lives of students and individuals around the world."
— Dr. Kayon Pryce, Brooklyn STEAM Center
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