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CONSULTANT SEARCH FOR: Team Culture, Talent Strategy, and Company Manuals (CLOSED)

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Acceleraise Corporation is hiring a consultant to:

  • Review Acceleraise’s Team Culture and Talent Development Strategy

  • Develop two manuals: a) Operations Manual and b) Onboarding Manual.

Project Context:

In its 9th year of operation, Acceleraise is growing rapidly, both in revenue and team structure. The organizational growth was initially more tactical in nature, but at this stage, Acceleraise seeks to grow strategically as well, and has been seeking to hire a ‘right hand’ to operate at the executive level. However, Acceleraise has not codified the intangibles of the corporation. Acceleraise has qualified individuals who have excelled in their functional expertise of operations, content development and client management respectively, but hiring and retaining talent at the strategic level has proven to be a challenge.

Feedback from exit interviews has made apparent that some of the difficulty is due to work processes not being codified. The team that currently exists has been able to function well in their respective roles, but when Acceleraise has tried to hire a ‘right hand’ to support strategy, it has not had success. In the last two years, Acceleraise tried out 3 different leadership roles and has not been able to retain them, whether capacity constraints or their failure to meet expectations at the executive level.

Acceleraise is seeking a review and restructure of this executive role, as well as an improved onboarding process that includes materials to structure the development for this role, and others. This will allow this candidate to better mirror Acceleraise’s strategic vision for this role more closely.

Hiring at this level is critical because this role will be able to support the continued trend of growth and increase the scale of impact Acceleraise is able to provide its client partners in the nonprofit sector.

The Project:

Acceleraise is seeking an experienced human capital, organizational culture and strategy consultant to review and clarify their team culture and processes, and where applicable, refine their approach to recruiting, development, and culture.

Given the challenges Acceleraise has experienced in hiring at the strategic end of the work, a review of existing hiring practices, support with role design, and a refinement of the onboarding process for that role in particular will be critical.

A tangible deliverable of this work, specific to hiring, will be to codify internal culture and practices into an operations manual that can be used for onboarding.

Acceleraise has engaged an HR consultant in the past to develop better hiring practices given the challenges faced with the executive role. However, further work with a team culture coach is necessary to better codify the culture the team aspires to hold.

Leadership coaching around team culture and development will help the Acceleraise leadership to define her approach to culture so that she can engage a well-aligned consultant in the development of better hiring practices.

Key Questions:
  • Where are there ways for Acceleraise to better communicate the needs, expectations, and preferred ways of operating to potential candidates and new hires in the onboarding phase?

  • Where is there opportunity to clarify and restructure the executive level role within Acceleraise?

  • How can Acceleraise create documents that make hiring, onboarding and retaining talent seamless so that the work can be operationally excellent at all levels of the organization?

Key Outcomes:
  • The human capital expert will review, refine, and codify Acceleraise’s approach to growth and talent development with a particular focus on expectations and incentives.

  • Clarifying and restructuring the executive role

  • Development of an onboarding manual

  • Development of an internal operations manual

  • Hiring and onboarding

  • Retention (culture, values, team building)

Key Tasks and Deliverables:

Key Activities:
  • Review Acceleraise’s past hiring practices for roles at the executive level

  • Gather insights from current team members and review exit interviews from past hires to understand the existing hiring and retention practices.

  • Review the full team’s operational processes for onboarding and culture

  • Document and codify Acceleraise’s processes by creating a manual that codifies and directs new hires on how to best onboard and operate within the organization

  • Offer recommendations for how to refine hiring and retention processes


Please note, these are proposed deliverables. Applicants are invited to suggest additional or alternate approaches in their proposal as they see fit.

  • Assessment of and strategic recommendations for culture, hiring and retention practices

  • Development of an internal operations manual for Acceleraise’s desired internal processes to support hiring and retention.

  • Development of an onboarding manual.

Consultant Qualifications:
  • Very experienced in human capital, hiring and retention practices, especially at the executive level in a growth-stage organization

  • Offers strong assessment and analysis: able to dissect data and synthesize insights into concrete strategic recommendations

  • Direct and willing to share the things Acceleraise has not yet learned related to culture and organizational strategy

  • Working style: Direct, matter-of-fact, efficient, and to-the-point



Next Steps

Proposals due April 20, 2022.

If you're interested in this opportunity, send your scope of work to info@acceleraisecorp.com.

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