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Raising funds today to strengthen your future.

Grant + Proposal Writing

Acceleraise offers comprehensive, strategic grant writing services to help increase your success with funders. We provide full service support from identifying the right opportunities to drafting all content and compiling the required documentation. We will collaborate with you to incorporate any and all feedback prior to submitting a final proposal. We will work with you to create compelling stories about communities of color that represent and celebrate the achievements of our community members. We customize every proposal to ensure a technically correct application that meets the funder’s requirements, and, ultimately, your approval. Finally, we will follow up with funders to verify the status of pending grant applications. At your request, we will also solicit feedback from funders.

Grant + Proposal Writing is priced at the rate of $150/hr and includes:
  • Grant application and proposal writing

  • Grant and proposal submission

  • Original language development

  • Budget and budget narrative

Email Marissa Douglas at for more information.

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