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A modern approach for the donor life cycle.

Development Strategy

The Development Plan and Strategy package is $10,000 over 2 months and includes:
  • Fundraising Goals

  • Communications Calendar

  • Individual Giving Strategy

  • Corporate Giving Strategy

  • Foundation Grants Strategy

  • Cultivation and Solicitation Plan

  • Recognition and Stewardship Plan

  • Gift Tables

  • 3-year Budget and Staffing Plan

The first conversation will look like this:
  • How many donors total have you had in the last three years?

    • What are your annual fundraising totals in the past 3 years?

    • What are the 10 largest gifts in past 3 years and type of donor—individual, foundation, corporation?

    • How many individual donors do you have?

    • How many foundations give to your organization?

    • How many corporations sponsor your organization?

  • What is your development budget?

    • Staffing and Capacity

    • How many development staff members do you have?

  • What is the job description of each of your staff members?

    • Do you have a grant writer; or the grant writing capacity in-house?

    • How much time does your CEO spend on fundraising?

    • Do you have development contractors?

    • Do volunteers help with development?

    • Does your board have a development committee?

    • Is your board active in development?

  • Do you have a customer relationship manager (CRM)?  

    • What system do you use? 

    • Who enters data?

    • Who uses it? 

    • What reports are generated?

    • How do you recognize donors?

  • How many events do you have?

    • What type of event?

    • What is the cost?

    • What is the profit?

  • Communications

    • Do you have a communications manager?

    • What communications vehicles do you use?

    • How often are they used?

    • What are the printed materials and what is the frequency of mailings?

    • What is emailed, and how often?

  • Do you have a website?

    • Is there a Giving Button on your website?

    • Is the Giving Button accessible on all of your web pages?

    • Does your website list your donor names or donor logos?

    • Can you add development materials or a development page to your website?

    • Is your website set up to accept monthly recurring donations?

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